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About Su-part Machinery Co., Ltd

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 "Excellence, and pursuit of excellence" is our enterprise spirit. We are committed to creating a fair and harmonious corporate culture. Each employee is trained more than 50 hours each year. Company is in cooperation with the company business management, management training center, and cooperating with the Jiangsu University, Henan Institute of technology, and other well-known colleges and universities, to build a training base, cooperative training applied senior technical.
      Management conception of our company: combining the Chinese 5000 years of excellent traditional culture, Chinese civilization unique affection management and modern advanced management concepts, methods, tools to form a suitable management mode of its own characteristics. Excellent corporate culture and excellent team to ensure the healthy development of our enterprise.
      At the same time, the company attaches great importance to environmental protection, sustainable development strategy, seriously implement the ISO140001 environmental protection system, and actively create a clean and environmentally friendly green plants, to create a healthy and safe working environment for employees.

      Guangzhou Su-part Machinery Co., Ltd. adhere to the excellent quality, integrity and pragmatic business approach and dedication for the new and old customers to provide quality, reliable, price concessions of the booster device machine, accessories and maintenance services; solemn promise: "quality" Gurrantment of all products: guaranteed repair, replacement and return, from the date of purchase, if found broken shaft, shell, oil spills and other product manufacturing quality problems, could be replaced with a new one. Within six months of free maintenance."


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